This is what I am working on


Tournament management software that eases the task of collecting payments, scheduling games, and posting scores.

Technologies: CSS, PHP, Drupal, Databases, MySQL, HTML, ImageMagick


This is what I have done

Heart Rate Desktop Taskbar

While using my computer on the treadmill I frequently wonder what my heart rate is, so I created a heart rate monitoring program.

Technologies: Bluetooth,, Visual Studio,

Don Parsons Guitar

A basic guitar site for posting videos and tracking availability

Technologies: PHP, Drupal, Javascript

Walk and Code Station

Inspired by this project I decided to make my own walk and code station.

Technologies: Woodworking

Portfolio Redesign

My old portfolio was looking pretty dated, and was not very easy to add content to. This new version uses more modern design principles, and has a CMS back end that makes adding content a breeze.

Technologies: CSS, Drupal, Javascript, Adobe Fireworks

Permission Free USB Wipe

Encryption of a USB drive can be a hassle, but leaving the information unprotected can be careless. This program attempts to solve this problem by providing an executable that when double clicked clears the drive without any prompts to the user.

Technologies: Java

Button Free Voice Activated Remote

In Star Trek the computer would listen to an operators commands via voice, rather than through button input. This was my inspiration for creating a button free voice activated remote.

Technologies: CommandIR, Java, Sphinx-4

Dynamic Countdown Images

Coordinating times between people in multiple time zones can be difficult, this site attempts to solve this problem by focusing on the time remaining to an event, rather than when the event will happen.

Technologies: PHP, MySQL, HTML, Javascript


These are things I have attempted

Multiplayer Party Game

There are many multiplier games, but a severe lacking in local party games.This is especially true for the PC. This yet to be named project will be a solution to this problem.

Technologies: Blender, Unity


A torrenting client that is accessible via UPnP and RSS Feeds, this allows a given user to start and watch a media based torrent without leaving his or her couch.

Technologies: Java

Class Suggest

A webpage that suggests classes that a user may enjoy taking based on the rating of their previous classes. Uses Social media concepts.

Technologies: PHP, HTML, Javascript